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Your Style. Discover Something New

FASHION STYLER is about finding yourself through style. It’s about fun, it’s about play. It’s about life. Be you and discover something new. With more than 600+ clothes to choose from, curated from some of the best fashion sites on the net with styles ranging from Indie, Runway, Nerd, Rock, Retro, Prep, Hip-Hop, Elegant and Goth — from cheap to very expensive — you can experiment with all styles, mixing and matching to your hearts content. Save wardrobes in FASHION STYLER, share them with your friends and even buy them if and when you’re ready.

Women’s Fashion. Men’s Fashion

FASHION STYLER isn’t exclusive to one gender nor style. Style is an important part of our lives. It defines us. Not just for ourselves, but to others. Definition is a choice. It’s personal. In this day and age, in this multi-faceted world, we are more than one thing. We are everything. We choose who we are. Choose away in FASHION STYLER.

Customization. Made Simple

FASHION STYLER is simple and clean. With a RANDOM button for you to select to show you random styles or with the left and right buttons for tops, bottoms and shoes — it will be easy to find the right wardrobe for you, and you can do it quickly. Wardrobe design or fashion design can be done in an easy and fun way. Especially with the ability to add your own clothes in the coming versions — FASHION STYLER will be a huge dressing and fashion community for each other by each other. Crowdsourced fashion.

Online Shopping. Made Fun

FASHION STYLER turns online shopping into a game. The problem with online shopping is that you miss the fun in trying things on and sharing what you’re putting on with your friends / family when you come out of the dressing rooms. Now, with FASHION STYLER, you can have fun “trying on” different things and what’s more — it’s not just exclusive to one store, but all stores (or it will be as the app grows). FASHION STYLER is a real world dress up game of sorts. Thanks for checking out FASHION STYLER and as always if you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to add your fashion line to the app don’t hesitate to contact